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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Tent Stripe in Mrytle

Sand Dunes in Golden

Honeycomb in Miele

Jumbo Dot in Sunshine

Magnolia Study in Zest

Iguana Silhouette in Gold

Everyday Houndstooth in Cedar

Dreamscape in Sun

Thatched in Sunshine on White

Latitude in Turtle

Tulip March in Honey

Brushed Peony in Chartreuse

Crosshatch in Wasabi

Northern Reflections in Straw

Whitehaven Canvas in Gold

Forest Friends in Marigold on White

Woodgrain in Vintage Yellow

Solid in Mustard

Wovens in Lemon

Jadore Paris in Straw

Forest Friends in Gold on White

Star Charts in Straw

Buffalo Plaid in Sunshine

Cotton Couture in Straw

Dream in Love

Waving Buds in City

Lamb Silhouette in Marigold

Medium Chevron in Black and Gold

Fluxus in Ochre

Aerial in Clay

Sierra Nevada Sunrise in Straw

Tiny Dot in Straw

Castle Raid in Marigold

Terrarium in Sunshine on White

Survey in Orche

Buffalo Plaid in Straw

Insignia in Backpack

Fossil Terrain in Yellow

Forget Me Not in Straw

Leo Double Border in Breeze

Insignia in Chartreuse

Garden Rocket in Ruby

Tahoe in Lake

Stars in Mustard

Cotton Couture in Citrus

Solid in Turmeric

Cottontail Silhouette in Sunshine

Cirrus Solid in Amber

Dash in Straw

Sidewalk Flowers in Gold

Blockprint Blossom in Honey

Forest Friends in Straw on White

Fossil Scratch in Yellow

Camo in Yarrow

Kitty Garden in Yellow

Spirodraft in Ocre

Cat Silhouette in Straw

Daisies in Straw

Lion Silhouette in Straw

Vanes in Sunshine

Stripe in Mustard

Your Heart in Reverie

Crosshatch in Straw

Broken Chevron in Straw

Track Flags in Strawberry Kiwi

Medium Chevron Tone on Tone in Yellow

Insignia in Fluorescent

Essex in Sunshine

Crossed Impressions in Solar

Sweet Bubbles in Sugar

Ziggy in Gold

Horse Silhouette in Straw

Lion Silhouette in Gold

Forget Me Not in Ink

Elephant Silhouette in Marigold

Insignia in Beetle

Terra Firma in Sunlit

Polka Dot in Dandelion

Grand Spots in Blanc Metallic

Small Chevron Knit in Yellow

Arrows in Straw

Parallel Parking in Warm

Iguana Silhouette in Sunshine

Collected Stems in Bright

Lacey in Cosmos

Fashion Scent in Abloom

Little Fox Silhouette in Sunshine

Tiny Houndstooth in Cedar

Coral in Yarrow

Tulip in Straw

Bubbles in Curry

Cottontail Silhouette in Straw

Meadow in Prairie

Astral Nights in Marigold

Moondance in Gold

Compass in Chartreuse

Lunation in Bright

Wovens in Butter

Compass in Sunshine

Allotments in Wasabi

Crossthread in Sheen

Twist and Shout in Gold

Big Birches in Marigold

Moondance in Marigold

Wandering Bears in Gold

Triangle Mosaic in Sunshine

Clusters in Grellow

Solid in Empire Yellow

Garden Grounds in Splendid

Solid in Goldenrod

Saguaro Crest in Sun

Pom Pom Flowers in Marigold

On Target in Marigold

Sprouts Canvas in Citron

Dots in Yellow

Star Charts in Sunshine

Radiate in Straw

Bracelet in Nature

Ta Dot in Starfruit

Tracks in Marigold

Doodle in Straw

Winner's Circle in Orange Crush

Roots in Chartreuse

Northern Reflections in Gold

Small Modern Stripe in Warm Gold

Lamb Silhouette in Sunshine

Geo in Mustard

Cirrus Solid in Sprout

Whale Silhouette in Straw

Iguana Silhouette in Marigold

Fox Silhouette in Straw

Astral Nights in Sunshine

Depths in Pear

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Straw

Flowerpop Zesty in Zesty

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Saffron

Fawn Silhouette in Straw

Kelp in Sunshine

Terrarium in Sunshine

Wandering in Marigold

Blume in Straw

Sheep Silhouette in Marigold

Morse Dot in Sun

On Target in Sunshine

Deer Houndstooth Knit in Tan

Geo in Green

Winter Forest in Gold

Painters Canvas in Lemon

Horse Silhouette in Marigold

Deer Silhouette in Sunshine

Hearts in Marigold

Fools Gold in Pyrite Metallic

Full Bloom in Daisy

Jade in Wasabi

Lacey Knit in Cosmos

Lion Silhouette in Straw on White

Elephant Silhouette in Gold

Arrows in Sunshine

Paper Dolls in Yellow

Stag Silhouette in Marigold

Birches in Straw

Crosshatch in Acid Lime

Swan Silhouette in Sunshine

Shibori in Sun

Mini Pearl Bracelet in Lime Curd

Thatched in Straw on White

Flock in Marigold

Cotton Couture in Melon

Marble Dot in Sunshine

Giraffe Silhouette in Marigold

Beekeeper in Lime

Florascape in Marigold

Giraffe Silhouette in Gold

Indigo Window in Sulphur

Birches in Sunshine

Tiny Dot in Sunshine

Iguana Silhouette in Straw

Rayon Solid in Honey

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Honey

Small Stripe Knit in Gray and Yellow

Oval Leaves in Sunflower

Fawn Silhouette in Sunshine

Jumbo Dot in Straw

Hummingbird Silhouette in Sunshine

Wild Bouquet in Gold

Daisy Chain in Green

Otter and Chill in Sun Kissed

Graph in Clementine

Your Heart Knit in Reverie

Painted Check in Chartreuse

Buck Forest in Mustard

Lamb Silhouette in Gold

Rogue Stripe in Straw

Solid in Banana Cream

Doodle in Sunshine

Thatched in Gold on White

Perennial in Printemps

Sheep Silhouette in Sunshine

Illuminated Graph in Metallic Glow

Morning Keepsake in Sun

Daisies in Sunshine

Dress Stripe in Sunshine

Birches in Marigold

Wood Grain in Straw

Moondance in Straw

Forget Me Not in Sunshine

Cotton Couture in Starfruit

Big Birches in Straw

Scatter in Yarrow

Chainmail in Marigold

Marble Dot in Straw

Solid in Canary

Little Lemons in Citrus

Fox Silhouette in Sunshine

New Lane in Gold

Diatom in Parakeet

Ethnic Diamond in Gold

Mighty Corners in Moon Glow

Small Dots in Mustard

Vanes in Straw

Big Birches in Gold

Garden Gate in Citron

Everyday Houndstooth in Starfruit

Bouquet Making in Moss

Zebraville in Banana

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Citrine

Snowflakes in Gold

Lion Silhouette in Sunshine

Plantae in Sunrise

Ta Dot in Acid

Solid Knit in Sahara Sun

Lunation Knit in Bright

Knotty in Sunbeam

Lion Silhouette in Marigold

Dandelions in Carrot

Silhouette Double Border Lawn in Gold

Native Folk in Moon Glow

Deer Silhouette in Gold

Cotton Couture in Yellow

Grand Spots in Jet Metallic

Branching Out in Gold

Everyday Houndstooth in Mango

Deer Silhouette in Straw

Little Tribal Stripe in Straw

Crush in Guilded Metallic

Flock Silhouette in Straw

Giraffe Silhouette in Sunshine

Medium Stripe Knit in Yellow

Latitude in Seaweed

Limestone Feel in Pitahaya

Hearts in Gold

Sweet Bubbles Knit in Sugar

Solid in Lemonade

Speckles in Golden Ochre

Blooming Brook in Sol

Cotton Couture in Marigold

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Sunshine

Striped Sleek Knit in Sun

Whale Silhouette in Sunshine

Flock Silhouette in Sunshine

Terrarium in Straw

Doodle in Gold

Stag Silhouette in Sunshine

Doodle in Marigold

Tent Stripe in Marigold

Seeds in Tangerine

Small Buffalo Plaid in Sunshine

Little Plume in Gold

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Solar

Pom Poms in Marigold

Forest Friends in Straw

Plume in Straw

Forest Friends in Sunshine

Candy Stripe in Straw

Stag Silhouette in Straw

Rogue Stripe in Sunshine

Little Pointsettias in Gold

Cirrus Solid in Butter

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Yellow

Plaid in Yellow

Alberto in Mustard

Stardust in Sunshine

Candy Dot in Sunshine

Astral Nights in Gold

Wovens in Tobacco

Weathervane in Sunshine

Grand Spots in Yellow

Lemons in Citrus

Stockings Panel in Gold

Wallpaper in Harvest

Medium Dots in Yellow

Twinkle Stars in Magic

Plume in Sunshine

Minky Dimple Dot in Avocado

Elephant Silhouette in Straw

Sheep Silhouette in Straw

On Target in Straw

Minky Dimple Dot in Zest

Thatched in Gold

Tahoe in Berry

Cotton Couture in Mango

Buck Forest Knit in Mustard

Hearts in Sunshine

Horse Silhouette in Sunshine

Deer Houndstooth in Tan

Pom Poms in Myrtle

Aglow Sapling in Mango

Cactus Bloom in Noon

Big Ben in Sunny

On Target in Marigold

Honeycomb in Sunglow

Spectacles in Solar

Triangles Knit in Citron

Wood Grain in Gold

Plantae Knit in Sunrise

Medium Chevron in Yellow

Stardust in Straw

Lace in Bloom in Boho

Scatter in Wood

Candy Dot in Straw

Triangle Mosaic in Straw

Tulip in Carrot

Henna Stripe in Mustard

Lazy Stripe in Amber

Historial Fiction in Gold

Cat Silhouette in Gold

Jadore Paris in Sunshine

Minky Dimple Dot in Goldenrod

Scallop Dot in Corn

Tulip Folk in Sunshine

Giraffe Silhouette in Straw

Filigree in Tucson

Canyon Wall in Canyon

Tapestry in Tucson

Let it Snow in Gold

Metallic Chambray in Jazz

Peppermints in Yellow

Northern Reflections in Marigold

Trouvaille Routes in Sun

Full Moon Polka Dot in Lime

Moondance in Sunshine

Candy Stripe in Sunshine

Dash in Sunshine

Tarika in Moss

Thatched in Marigold

Forest Friends in Gold

Fur Ball in Strawberry Tangerine

Stars in Green

Thatched in Sunshine

Floral Floats in Field

Snowflake Stitch in Gold

Kitty Scatter in Wheat

Northern Reflections in Sunshine

Lion Silhouette in Marigold on White

Moire in Buttercup

Adeline in Cactus

Large Chevron in Yellow

Shirting in Yarrow

Alternating Stripe in Yellow

Play Stripe in Straw

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Goldfish

Flecks in Auburn

Play Stripe in Sunshine

Big Birches in Sunshine

Treeline in Gold

Broken Chevron in Sunshine

Bee in Marigold

Forest Friends in Marigold

Petal Heads in Sun Kissed

Thatched in Straw

Medium Chevron in Blue and Gold

Terrarium in Straw on White

Sprouts in Citron

Handcrafted Jersey Knit in Lime

Cat Eyes in Strawberry Fields

Word Play in Yellow

Little Fox Silhouette in Gold

Snowy Owls in Gold

Medium Chevron in Yellow

Boxed In in Gold

Acorn Chain in Harvest

Solid in Honey

Large Chevron Tone on Tone in Yellow

Plotted Farm in Spices

Atomic Starburst in Cactus

Camo in Grellow

Medium Chevron in Neon Green

Horse Silhouette in Gold

Deer Silhouette in Marigold

Scattered Showers in Warm

Weathervane in Straw

Forest Friends in Sunshine on White

Frond in Cactus

Cat Silhouette in Marigold

Reef in Submarine

Stag Silhouette in Gold

Depths in Honey

Cotton Couture in Ochre

Wovens in Sprout

Rogue Stripe in Marigold

Lamb Silhouette in Straw

Scrollwork in Green

Mod Paper in Citrus

Little Fox Silhouette in Marigold

Vitality in Yarrow

Stripe Jersey Knit in Silver

Leaf Scatter in Chartreuse

Diatom in Canary

Grand Spots in Marigold

Stag Silhouette in Marigold

Swan Silhouette in Straw

Rattan Bleu in Blush

Op Art in Spices

Rogue Stripe in Sunshine

Leo Double Border in Acid Lime

Reef in Algae

Thin Stripe Knit in Citron

Voile Solid in Goldfish

Meadow in Midas

Radiate in Sunshine

First Sight Silhouette in Canary

Thyme in Gold

Zig Zig in Lime

Hummingbird Silhouette in Straw

Hearts in Straw

Small Buffalo Plaid in Straw

Trees in Green

On Target in Gold

Thatched in Marigold on White

Savanna Glow in Golden

Painters Canvas in Mustard

Skipping Stones in Straw

Diamonds Essex in Pickle

Dress Stripe in Straw

Kiss Dot in Mango

Hearts in Gold

Elephant Silhouette in Sunshine

Little Tribal Stripe in Sunshine

Sheep Silhouette in Gold

Astral Nights in Straw

Little Fox Silhouette in Straw

Skipping Stones in Sunshine

Rogue Stripe in Gold

Cat Silhouette in Sunshine

Lodge Lattice in Straw

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