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 Home / Fabric Colors

Fabric Colors

Image Map  
Modify your your search by looking for prints that have a high or low dominance of that color, as well as whether they are very close or only somewhat close to your chosen hue.


Solid Knit in Buna Blue

Dash in Cerulean

Plume in Breeze

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Surf

Chambray in Denim

Thatched in Surf

Medium Stripe Knit in Aqua

Minky Dimple Dot in Marine

Forget Me Not in Lagoon

Growth in Pond

Small Chevron Tone on Tone Knit in Aqua

Moondance in Cerulean

Radiate in Lagoon

Skipping Stones in Surf

Small Dot Knit in Aqua

Polar Bear in Aqua

Wonderland Avenue in Laguna

Terrarium in Cerulean on White

Solid in Turquoise

Birches in Surf

Dash in Breeze

Cat Silhouette in Surf

Owly in Blue

Plume in Cerulean

Small Buffalo Plaid in Breeze

Two Inch Stripes in Aqua

Amber in Green

Cirrus Solid in Sky

Astral Nights in Lagoon

Metropolis in Blue

Jumbo Dot in Surf

Flock Silhouette in Surf

Ditto in Turquoise

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Parrot Blue

Fawn Silhouette in Cerulean

Candy Stripe in Surf

Dress Stripe in Surf

Cotton Couture in Blue

Dash in Lagoon

Jadore Paris in Surf

Bottle and Jar Bouquets in Blue

Solid in Ocean Waves

Hearts in Surf

Big Birches in Cerulean

Moroccan Lattice in Aqua

Jadore Paris in Lagoon

Tossed Daisies in Blue

Little Cutting Edge in Surf

On Target in Lagoon

Meadow in Liberty

Arrows in Lagoon

Stardust in Cerulean

Braid in Teal

Little Tribal Stripe in Cerulean

Whale Silhouette in Cerulean

Rogue Stripe in Cerulean

Fox Silhouette in Lagoon

Disco Dot in Blue

Little Fox Silhouette in Cerulean

Cat Silhouette in Cerulean

Manchester Yarn Dyed in Blue

Tiny Dot in Lagoon

Terrarium in Lagoon on White

Socks in Blue

Baltic Swans in Sky

Minky Dimple Dot in Sky

Doodle in Surf

Vanes in Surf

Arrows in Cerulean

Terrarium in Breeze on White

Birches in Cerulean

Chevron Brush Essex in Aqua

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Cadet

Blackbird in Blue

Youre a Cheetah in Blue

Snowy Isle in Marine

Broken Chevron in Lagoon

Fawn Silhouette in Surf

Large Chevron in Aqua

Wit in Tangerine

Terrarium in Surf

Star Charts in Surf

Triangle Mosaic in Cerulean

Morning Melody in Carolina Blue

Solid Corduroy in Pool

Jumbo Dot in Lagoon

Provencale in Bleu

Marble Dot in Surf

Compass in Cerulean

Plume in Surf

Cleats in Blue

Polka Dot in Sky

Small Spots in Turquoise

Thatched in Cerulean

Large Spots in Aqua

Deer Silhouette in Surf

Starfish in Sea Glass

Birches in Lagoon

Owl Friends in Aqua

Chambray in Ocean

Voile Solid in Parakeet

Astral Nights in Cerulean

Narrow Stripe in Blue

Medium Chevron in Aqua

Bonheur Knit in Crisp

Jellyfish Bloom in Surf and Indigo

Solid in Cerulean

Moondance in Surf

Dash in Surf

Northern Reflections in Cerulean

Hummingbird Silhouette in Lagoon

Solid in Sky

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Sky

Whale Hello There in Surf

Scruffy Daisy in Lake

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Bahama

Tiny Dot in Cerulean

Broken Chevron in Surf

Quilters Linen Metallic in Lake

Small Chevron in Aqua

Cotton Couture in Luna

Starfish in Ocean

Claire in Pink

Fawn Silhouette in Lagoon

Patrice in Aqua

Radiate in Surf

Small Buffalo Plaid in Cerulean

Voile Solid in Powder

Diamonte Sateen in Eucalyptus

Thatched in Lagoon

Hexiesis in Lazuli

Essex in Water

Candy Dot in Lagoon

Alberto in Green

Grand Spots in Surf

Aerial in Blue Jay

Diamonte in Eucalyptus

Deer Silhouette in Lagoon

Little Fox Silhouette in Surf

Radiate in Cerulean

Large Zig Zag Stripe in Surf

Vienna Mugs in Teal

Cotton Couture in Turquoise

Bookplate in Indigo

Hearts in Cerulean

Play Stripe in Lagoon

Stardust in Lagoon

Tiny Dot in Surf

Checkmate in Beach

Dawn in Green

Rogue Stripe in Cerulean

Oahu Waves in Breeze

Astral Nights in Breeze

Dress Stripe in Lagoon

Star Charts in Lagoon

Sateen Solid in Peaceful

Going Up in Seaweed

French Twist Sateen in Ocean

Broken Chevron in Cerulean

Kat in Pink

Fresh Catch in Lagoon

Diagonal in Blue

Seeds in Turquoise

Buffalo Plaid in Cerulean

Kat in Sky

Sheep Silhouette in Cerulean

Ice Floe in Marine

Forget Me Not in Cerulean

Play Stripe in Surf

Whale Silhouette in Lagoon

Prismatic in Sky

Reef in Mermaid

Stargazer in Surf

Iguana Silhouette in Lagoon

Plume in Lagoon

Hummingbird Silhouette in Surf

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Rocket Blue

Apples in Americana

Mabel in Orange

Daisies in Surf

Sheep Silhouette in Surf

Crosshatch in Pacific

Northern Reflections in Lagoon

By Sea or By Air in Surf

Horse Silhouette in Surf

Forget Me Not in Breeze

Terrarium in Surf on White

Vienna Chairs in Teal

Gatsby in On The Rocks

Rattan in Lagoon

Deer Silhouette in Cerulean

Solid Knit in Aqua

Hummingbird Silhouette in Cerulean

Arrows in Surf

Rainbow Puffs in Blue

Reptile in Copen

Cotton Couture in Wave

Flock Silhouette in Cerulean

Stag Silhouette in Lagoon

Marble Dot in Cerulean

Solid in Parisian Blue

Star Charts in Cerulean

Lamb Silhouette in Cerulean

Northern Reflections in Surf

Skipping Stones in Cerulean

Pure Plaid in Aegean

Medium Chevron in Medium Blue

Horse Silhouette in Cerulean

Promenade in Breeze

Cottontail Silhouette in Lagoon

Jumbo Dot in Cerulean

Hexablock in Teal

Stag Silhouette in Surf

Seedlings in Aqua

Terrarium in Lagoon

Forget Me Not in Surf

Diatom in Seaside

Iguana Silhouette in Cerulean

Small Dots in Aqua

Play Stripe in Cerulean

Flock Silhouette in Lagoon

Sheep Silhouette in Lagoon

Kitty Paws in Blue

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Lagoon

Triangle Mosaic in Surf

Vanes in Lagoon

Little Tribal Stripe in Lagoon

Weathervane in Surf

Medium Chevron in Aqua

Doodle in Lagoon

Mini Pearl Bracelet in Lake

Cat Silhouette in Lagoon

Herringbone in Pond

Painters Canvas in Mermaid

Swan Silhouette in Lagoon

Traffic in Denim

Reptile in Astral

Rogue Stripe in Surf

Timber Valley in Teal

Lamb Silhouette in Surf

Cotton Couture in Caribbean

Quilt Panel in Voyager

Iguana Silhouette in Surf

Astral Nights in Surf

Little Tribal Stripe in Surf

On Target in Cerulean

Abby in Blue

Small Buffalo Plaid in Lagoon

Stardust in Surf

Medium Spots in Denim

Horse Silhouette in Lagoon

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Blue

Houndstooth in Water

Skipping Stones in Lagoon

Buck Forest in Lake

Crosshatch in Blueprint

Just a Trim in Aqua

Fox Silhouette in Cerulean

Guru in Blue

Brooklyn Bridge in Glare

Headlines in Evening

Tentacle in Surf

Stardust in Breeze

Cotton Couture in Stream

Triangle Mosaic in Lagoon

Dress Stripe in Cerulean

Small Chevron Knit in Aqua

Terrarium in Cerulean

Big Birches in Surf

Stitched in Flight Wideback in Dusk

Lake Flowers in Turquoise

Solid in Aero Blue

Small Buffalo Plaid in Surf

Fox Silhouette in Surf

Minky Dimple Dot in Breeze

Daisies in Lagoon

Kitty Outline in Blue

Cotton Couture in Electric

Cambridge Lawn Solid in Rain

Grand Spots in Aqua

Patrice in Blue

Foxtail Fern in Mist

Vienna Main in Teal

Small Chevron in Medium Blue

Weathervane in Lagoon

Swan Silhouette in Surf

Stitched in Flight Wideback in Berry

Rogue Stripe in Lagoon

Buffalo Plaid in Surf

Krysta in Blue

Plus in Hawaii

Candy Dot in Surf

Daisies in Cerulean

Tribe in Turquoise

Lamb Silhouette in Lagoon

Weathervane in Cerulean

Large Zig Zag Stripe in Water

Whale Silhouette in Surf

Buffalo Plaid in Lagoon

Jadore Paris in Cerulean

Medium Dots in Aqua

Hearts in Lagoon

Medium Chevron in Aqua

Florets in Carolina Blue

Crosshatch Jersey Knit in Stratosphere

Vanes in Cerulean

Large Carolina Gingham Yarn Dyed in Indigo

Tumble Blocks 108 inch Wideback in Lagoon

Quilters Linen in Light Blue

Positive in Topaz

Candy Stripe in Cerulean

Moondance in Lagoon

Forest Talk in Blue

Medium Dots in Medium Blue

Crosshatch in Paris Blue

French Twist Sateen in Marine

Its A Wildlife in Blue

Doodle in Cerulean

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Marine

On Target in Surf

Greeka in Ble

Houndstooth Knit in Aqua

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Breeze

Candy Stripe in Lagoon

Jenna in Green

Small Stripe Knit in Aqua

Swan Silhouette in Cerulean

Cottontail Silhouette in Cerulean

Medium Buffalo Plaid in Cerulean

Anemone in Marine

Mini Owl in Pacific

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Reef

Shetland Houndstooth Flannel in Denim

Mabel in Green

Small Chevron in Blue

Fish Scholeio in Calm

Medium Pearlized Spot in Copen

Geometric Jersey Knit in Espresso

Reptile in Azure

Crosshatch in Sea

Little Fox Silhouette in Lagoon

Stag Silhouette in Cerulean

Candy Dot in Cerulean

Chambray in Blue

Cottontail Silhouette in Surf

Wovens in Jade

Free Spirit Designer Solid in Seaweed

Crosshatch in Niagara

Solid in Aqua

Bear with Button in Blue

Button in Blue

Vocabulary in Teal

Button with Corduroy in Blue

Marble Dot in Lagoon

Big Birches in Lagoon

Dana Cotton Modal Knit in Sky Diver

Brambleberry in Aqua

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